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About PestPlus

Something About Us...

PestPlus is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to pest prevention, hygiene services and water & waste water management.

Our senior management team have extensive experience in pest control, hygiene & washroom services and drainage & plumbing solutions.

Bringing this expertise together under one roof is allowing us the opportunity to provide you with a broad range of solutions to long standing problems. From recurring rodent problems to ongoing and seasonal flying insect problems right through to water over use issues and waste water treatment, we will deliver solutions.

Our aim is to provide long term preventative treatments and systems and go above and beyond regular monitoring and control. Bringing years of experience of various sectors together is allowing us the option to provide you with not only routine and emergency service, but also quality surveys and reports and carry out the works needed to prevent any further issues.

PestPlus System

Our system is broken into three steps designed to be pro active and prevent ongoing recurring issues.  Firstly surveys are carried out of your entire premises and findings presented. Secondly a maintenance plan is put in place covering all aspects of our services and your particular needs. Finally we review any emergencies that arise and review these with you.

Extensive report on existing system

  • Environmental Improvements& Initiatives
  • Costs/Savings presented over 3 years
  • Health & Safety for employees and visitors
  • Proofing /changes needed for prevention and maintenance
  • Budget presented for 3 year plan

Routine plan implemented

  • Services documented and scheduled for year
  • Reports after each visit
  • Annual budget and environmental review

Emergency Call Out evaluation/investigation

  • Reason for emergency call out
  • Cost incurred as a result
  • Impact on your business
  • Action plan to prevent/reduce going forward