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Ant Control

Pestplus, Ant control program is just what you need to eradicate and control Ants in and around your home. Ants are a very common pest found throughout Ireland in both urban and rural areas. They typically tend to nest outside, often under paving slabs in gardens and venture indoors for food or they may find access to the foundations of a building.

Ants do not spread disease but they can be considered a pest once they get into a building due to the nuisance factor of their numbers and unsightliness.

Ant Removal

An ants nest is often located in very difficult to reach areas. Ants tend to nest close to a regular supply of heat and a consequence is their nests are often in hard to access areas out of reach of insecticide.

PestPlus can design a system to get rid of your ants through treatment and continuous management to ensure removal and the non-return of ants around your home or commercial premises.

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