Bed Bug Control

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Bed bugs cause major distress with their feeding habits. Bedbugs feed on us as we sleep. They cause swelling and some skin irritation with allergic reactions in some people. PestPlus  have an effective bed bug control program. We thoroughly inspect your home or business concentrating on sleeping areas. Our control methods will be chosen to suit your particular situation ensuring safety, discretion and the problem will be dealt with by an expert. Call now for bed bugs control.

In both domestic and commercial environments bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) can be a source of major frustration and distress. As the name suggests, Bedbugs live in the crevises and seams in bed frames and mattresses but are also known to settle in other areas close to the bed such as headboards, lockers, wardrobes, light fittings and electrical outlets, skirting and floorboards, and curtains. Bedbugs are usually introduced to a house by being stowaways within luggage and clothing from infested hotels and hostels,

The bites that result from a bedbug feeding can lead to blistering, rashes and allergic reactions in some individuals.

Bed Bug Treatment

Getting rid of bed bugs requires a number of factors to occur in order to be successful. That is why we often see many DIY attempts failing. The reason for this difficulty is due to the fact that each bedbug can produce up to 500 young, living hidden in bed sheets and clothes, covering long distances and remaining dormant until conditions are suitable. This means that to completely remove bed bugs from an environment requires a concerted effort and a specialist approach. PestPlus have a highly effective, complete, bed bug elimination program designed to cater to a range of domestic and commercial environments that combine inspection and eradication elements to provide peace of mind.

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