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Birds such as Pigeons can cause numerous health and safety issues around your premises. Pigeon droppings can clog up air conditioning systems and create numerous slip hazards. Products such as anti perch spikes and netting can be used to prevent pigeons and other birds nesting and perching. Cleaning of pigeon droppings should be done with precaution as we know of three human diseases associated with them, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. Although routine light cleaning of areas like window sills should not pose a serious threat, wearing proper personal protective equipment is advised. Heavier soiled areas should be cleaned and droppings removed by experienced workers. Pest Plus provides all kinds of bird control service and can install systems to prevent problems from recurring.  We have systems to prevent birds species such as pigeons, gulls and starlings from nesting and perching. We are bird deterrent experts in Dublin.

Bird control

Bird control dublin

Why Bird Control is important

The Health and safety strategy of any commercial premise should contain a bird control policy. From a health perspective, it has been identified that numerous diseases can be spread by birds through droppings including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis which presents a risk to those on your premises. Considering the physical environment, faecal droppings from birds may cause damage to buildings, air conditioning systems and vehicles, and also creating slip hazards. Finally, nesting birds may well become aggressive to people if they feel under threat especially if they have newly hatched chicks.

All of the above could be described as unacceptable risks in a commercial environment

Bird Control Services

PestPlus provide both prevention services in regards to nesting and perching birds such as pigeons, gulls and starlings.

We supply a range of anti-perch spikes that can be used to prevent pigeons and other birds nesting and perching. These spikes work by physically preventing a bird from landing on ledges and gutters. They have proven to be highly effective stand-alone product. They are commonly installed using silicone gel which enable them to be removed and re-installed as required.

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