Rat extermination

How to ger Get Rid of Rats?

Rats are everywhere – yes, we said it. They might be lurking under your house’s floorboards or hanging out in tiny spaces over your ceilings without you even knowing. If they find any slight opening in your structure, they can come screeching in as uninvited guests and there is not much you can do about it except scream in panic and shock.

If you claim to be unafraid of these creatures with tiny whiskers and tails, you should still be worried of any rodent problem in your area as there are many diseases that can be caused by rats and mice. For example, their bites and scratches can cause rat-bite fever. Their urine can cause leptospirosis disease, which can harm your liver and kidneys.

Rats in attic

Rat infestation

In Ireland, Dublin is ranked as the county having the highest rat infestation rate, 32% to be exact.

How to get rid of those vicious monsters a.k.a. rats in the attic or those persistent mice in-house, you may ask? There are plenty of ways for rat control. You can either hire a professional from a rat extermination company to take charge in taking care of the situation. Or if you cannot afford to pay an expert, then you can repel, poison or trap them yourself.

If you want to get rid of rats as humanely as possible consider using rat repellents or rat deterrents. If the repellent is effective, it might lure them away from your house. It is advisable to use these products even when you don’t have any rodent problem at the current moment as a preventive measure. If you chose to use poison, you can take help from a local pest control company like PestPlus.

Rat poison or rodenticides are made of chemicals that can kill rats but due to mice being scavengers by nature, they might not work. Rats could chew off a tiny bit, grow suspicious and leave the rest.

rat infestation

How to Get Rid of Rats

Rat traps are used by both pest control services and home owners. These intricately designed traps have proven to be the most efficient in catching rats for decades. However, some experienced rats might learn to navigate their way around your house avoiding these traps. But you can always count on these traps to catch the novices.

It is up to your personal preference and convenience to either kill the rats or trap them. But in order to keep your interaction with these gnawing creatures to a minimum you should take preventive measures. For example, cover up tiny holes in your walls and keep your pet food hidden.