Cockroach control

Cockroaches can be commonly found in both commercial and domestic buildings.  In commercial environments, they are most often found in premises involved in food production.  In domestic premises, for example apartment blocks, they tend to live close to food preparation areas and hide in cracks and crevices in walls, sinks, drains, cookers or sewers, coming out at night to feed on almost any food matter that is available.

Cockroaches are a pest that need to be taken very seriously as they can cause diseases through cross-contamination. Diseases such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid and poliomyelitis are all caused by ingestion of contaminated food or water by pathogenic organisms. These organisms are carried by cockroaches. Cockroaches are also known to cause allergic reactions especially amongst sensitive individuals e.g. asthmatics

Cockroaches can be eradicated and we can also make recommendations to prevent further re-infestation. Cockroach infestations should be addressed immediately as the numbers will multiply at an extremely fast pace.

Cockroach removal

PestPlus, can provide you with the expert help you will need if you discover a Cockroach infestation in your home or business premises. We begin by completing a free of charge complete inspection and survey to understand the extent of the infestation.

We will then decide the eradication programme we feel is most appropriate to your specific circumstances and explain to you what is involved throughout the treatment. Eradication can be achieved through one or a combination of two possible approaches. Through the use of Insecticide Application or as a  Baiting Regime.

Due to the habitat of the cockroach, insecticidal treatments need to be carried out extremely thoroughly within all cracks and crevices that the insects frequent. Baits can be used at strategic locations and they make use of the cockroach to distribute the insecticide. In addition, the treatment must be reviewed after a significant period of time to ensure any eggs hatched are also destroyed and prevent a reoccurrence of the infestation.

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