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The House Mouse is one of the most common pests we encounter in our homes. Mice can cause damage to wiring and property and contaminate our food. Accessing from area to area through the tiniest of gaps, it can be extremely frustrating to get on top of an infestation of mice.

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PestPlus have the expertise to deal with such problems in a fast, efficient and humane manner. Mice are primarily nocturnal, the feed on a variety of matter but will often consume food intended for human use such as cereals. Due to difficulty accessing their nests, it can be very difficult to ensure that a mice infestation has been removed. Meaning many DIY attempts at control fail to completely remove the problem. Furthermore, mice can pose a risk to human health as they can carry many foodborne pathogens, and Leptospirosis (Weils disease).

PestPlus have the expertise to deal with any requirements you have around mice in your home. We provide a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly service. Our prices are affordable and all our staff is accredited, professionals.