Wasp nest removal Ireland

Did you know that wasp nests die out every season? Only the queen survives, going into hibernation during the winter time and coming back again in spring/summer time to start building a new nest which is used to breed off-springs. Wasps pollinate plants and flowers and eat garden pests and are an essential part of the ecosystem.

If you spot a wasp nest in your garden, you should consider just leaving it alone as it will naturally shrivel away once the season ends, and you can then remove it without any fear of attack from the wasps. This decision of leaving the nest alone in your garden can prove to be quite beneficial for your plants and flowers.

But if the nest is causing you trouble in your day-to-day operations around your household or you are worried about your child’s safety, then wasp nest removal is necessary.

There are three kinds: of wasps: paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. If the nest in your garden has paper wasps, you could attempt removing it on your own. The wiser decision would be to call a wasp removal service in most cases. Also, if the nest is in a difficult position to reach, do not attempt the task of removing it as you could probably find yourself in a difficult position if they attack.

PestPlus | Pest Management Solutions Dublin

PestPlus | Pest Management Solutions Dublin

Steps to Get Rid of the wasp Nest on your Own

If you don’t want to call a wasp exterminator or pest control (even though you should) and are adamant to attempt the task of removing the wasp nest yourself, follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure that you are not allergic to wasp stings by checking with a doctor. If the doctor confirms you are not allergic or if you are certain due to past experiences that you are not allergic, go ahead and follow the rest of the steps. But if you are allergic it is not at all advisable that you go near the nest as it can be hazardous to your wellbeing.
  2. Before going close to the nest, you should wear protective gear. You should cover your entire body including your face with a helmet, hood, scarf or ski glasses.
  3. If you are using pesticides to kill the wasps, you should do so early in the year as the colony is small and less aggressive towards protecting their queen during that time. By attacking at the most strategic time, you will minimize the risk of wasps attacking you. It is also advisable to attack at night time or early morning as the wasps are less active at that time.
  4. If you want to get rid of the entire nest without killing the wasps you can do so by taking a plastic container with a lid and placing it below the nest. Sever the connection of the nest with the surface on which it is attached by using the lid or a cardboard sheet. The nest will drop in the container. Close the lid and take the container away from your house. After a while go and open the lid to release the wasps. This way you can get rid of the wasps without killing them.