About Washroom Hygiene

With years of industry expertise we can make informed decisions, the results of which is an efficient, flexible and cost effective solution to your washroom & hygiene needs. Providing the optimum washroom solution helps our clients meet and exceed their needs for a cleaner, safer and more comfortable washroom.

Maintaining, Cleaning & Hygiene Standards at washrooms is a challenge for everyone. We have products and services to match the challenges of high traffic washrooms which ensure constant hygiene and operational standards. Our products and services ensure high level of services & hygiene standards.

Pestplus learns how your company and your people work and then organize the exact hygiene solution suitable for you, your business and your customers. We deliver a quality service, delivered via dedicated people, who care about your business. Our goal is achieved in the strength of our people, our attitude, our commitment, our integrity and our dedication to the pursuit of total customer satisfaction.