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Wasps build nests for their colonies, in a similar manner to bees. The best indicator that you have a wasps nest in the proximity of your property is when you notice a constant presence and movement of wasps around a particular location. This is a strong indicator that a nest is closeby and waps are circulating close to an entrance. A wasps nest looks like a paper mache ball, depending on the time of year and the number of wasps in the colony the size of the nest will vary greatly. The nest can begin being little more than a golf ball in size to at its peak being well over the size of a beachball.

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The danger posed by a wasps nest really depends on the time of year it is encountered, in winter the life cycle for the nest has ended so from December to March the colony is empty and any wasps present are dead.Outside of that time frame, wasps of course pose a risk to human health due to their aggressive nature when they perceive a threat and capacity to give multiple stings which are painful for all but can be fatal for those with specific allergies.We would strongly advise against DIY treatment to tackle a wasp’s nest. The risk of injury from wasps is manageable but one to be respected and those trying to remove a nest should have specialist protective equipment, always assuming the nest contains an active wasp presence.

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PestPlus provide an inspection and treatment services for the management of wasps presence up to and including wasp nest removal. As part of our inspection of a property, we will evaluate the best course of action and discuss with the client the proposed options for treatment.There are several key factors that go into our evaluation for a course of action including the location and accessibility of the nest and the time of year. Our control specialist will fully brief you on the method of control and the reasoning for it prior to beginning their treatment program.

Our preferred practice is removal but there will be circumstances where we propose leaving the wasps nest in place as that may be a more efficient form of containment

PestPlus provides 100% guarantee on Wasp Nest Treatments. Sometimes it may not be possible to access the wasp nest itself to remove it; however, applying an insecticide into the wasp entry point will ensure the nest is destroyed.

Around your home, the most common place for wasps to build a nest is under the eaves, in the attic space, under roof tiles, garden shed, trees and shrubs. We have an application method to suit regardless of location.

  • Our pest control technicians are IPCA trained and have vast experience in dealing with wasps.
  • At PestPlus, we offer a complete wasp treatment solution.
  • Our Pest technicians have the expertise to identify the specific problems.
  • All technicians are equipped with protective gear to keep safe during wasp control treatment.
  • PestPlus provide customised treatment to ensure effective control of wasp
  • We offer free advice and survey.
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